Boneless Raw saves you money, especially for bigger dogs who require more raw per day. It's uniquely formulated to be fed with raw chicken quarters ($.59/lb at your grocery store). Feed a ratio of 1/2 boneless raw & 1/2 raw chicken quarters everyday. All complete and balanced raw diets need bone content for calcium and phosphorus, so the chicken quarters plus the boneless raw achieves this nutritional balance. Instead of $5 a pound, feeding the "boneless routine" will cost you only $2.75 a pound. (*Example: a 65lb dog needs 1lb of raw a day, feed 1/2lb boneless raw and 1/2lb raw chicken quaters for $2.75 a day versus feeding only raw, $5.29/lb a day for the regular beef and pork formula.) A raw win-win for you and your doggie. Remember to add a raw egg to each pound of raw fed, or one every other day for bonus nutrients. 

Boneless (Beef & Pork) Raw

  • Min Crude Protein 13%
    Min Crude Fat 8%
    Max Fiber 1%
    Max Moisture 75%