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      We're a thankful family of five with ridgebacks and a bossy jack russell from Huffman, Texas. Our home is full of squealing kids and hungry tummies. Food is a big deal, and that passion made its way down to our furry pack. We started reading nutrition labels and asking questions about our dog's food. In early 2018, we abruptly lost one of our ridgebacks, Pipa, at age three to cancer and our research became fierce. How does a healthy well-bred dog die of cancer at three?! Food is medicine. And there are fresh foods and there are processed foods. With a certification in canine raw nutrition, and a crazy dream to share raw with everyone, Go Raw Pet Food launched in June 2018. 

      Fast forward to 2023, we are serving doggies nature's best diet, Go Raw Pet Food. See our testimonials and Google reviews. Our happy healthy customers abound. Allergies and yeast, inflammation, chronic digestive upset, malnutrition, heartworms and seizures all healed from within by being fed Go Raw Pet Food. Old dogs can feel young again. Overweight dogs can slim down and have more energy than ever. Making Go Raw from our home with our family is a labor of love, and our healthy furry customers are our reward.

      Go Raw Pet Food delivers a locally made, USDA sourced, AAFCO complete and balanced raw starting at $5.99/lb. Why should you have to worry about what's in your pets bowl? Let us do all of the thinking and prepping for you. Our quality ingredients include muscle meats, organs, bones, vitamin rich fruits and veggies, and the healing properties of omega 3's in organic flax oil. Cheers to your dog's happiest healthiest life. 

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