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Clean Bowl Guarantee


     Where does Go Raw source their ingredients? We responsibly source all of our proteins from USDA wholesalers (except rabbit and green tripe). These human grade wholesalers stock your local grocery stores and favorite restaurants. Our fruits and veggies are purchased weekly at our local HEB and chopped up fresh, we do not mix in a celery, apple or carrot powders.  **All ingredients and supplements are individually measured and weighed for their consistent nutrient values, we do not use feed-grade synthetic vitamin packs. The sourcing and bioavailability of all of our ingredients is and has always been very important. 

     Is Go Raw organic? Hormone and antibiotic free? Though we're not organic, our poultry, beef, pork and lamb are humanely raised and without antibiotics or hormones. Our local rabbits are hand raised and our beef green tripe is grass fed. An organic product would demand a higher price point for our customers, and Go Raw's goal from the beginning was to create an affordable quality raw fit for all doggies. 

     What is green tripe? Why is it so great? Our grass fed beef green tripe is a unique nutritional hero, it's the stomach lining of a cow. Really. Green tripe is full of powerful live enzymes and probiotics, essential for excellent gut health, efficient digestion and immune function. Green tripe is included in every dual protein raw formula we make. In five years, we have not found another raw company who sources this powerhouse ingredient for their raw formulas. 

     What is Mechanically Separated Meats? Is this used in any of your formulas? MSM is produced by machines that squeeze cacasses and frames under extreme pressure to remove any leftover meat and sinew to use as byproducts in pet food. Many fresh pet food companies use this within their formulas because it's cheap. How can you tell? Formulas with MSM have an ultra-fine mushy texture, are pale in color, and often have a high calcium content that creates chalky stools for your dogs. EEW. MSM is never used in any of Go Raw's formulas. 

     Does Go Raw utilize High Pressure Processing? HPP is a preservation method that guarantees shelf life. Go Raw does not use HPP because we source all of our proteins through USDA inspected facilities. Our quality ingredients are ground up, measured, mixed, bagged and frozen for your dog without adding any chemicals or preservatives. Go Raw makes the best raw dog food every week with faithful strong hands, and no fancy equipment is necessary.  

     Do you have discounts or free samples? Why yes we do. Currently we offer a 10% discount for police and military, AKC breeders, registered rescue and foster homes, and a bulk orders greater than $500. Shoot us an email with your info for those coupon codes. Our discounts cannot be combined. Though we do not offer free samples, we do have a Clean Bowl Guarantee for your first order. If Go Raw does not work for your pup(s), please contact us and we will be happy to troubleshoot with you or provide a refund for your first order. 

     Do you offer subscriptions? How does this work? YAY for subscriptions, 5% discount! Set it up once by emailing us at with your full name, address, phone number and order details. Specify which formulas, how many chubs, and how many weeks apart you'd like to receive your new box. All shipped boxes require a minimum of 20lbs for proper packaging. Once your recurring invoice is set up, changes can be made at any time, or cancel if needed. All tracking info will be conveniently communicated via text.   

     What is AAFCO anyways? It's the Association of American Feed Control Officials, an independent organization that guides the state, federal, and international feed regulators with ingredient definitions, label standards and laboratory standards for the United States. AAFCO developed nutrient profiles to establish minimum and some maximum nutrient values for dog and cat food. Go Raw Pet Food adheres to the nutritional guidelines that AAFCO has set in place for complete and balanced nutrition.  

     What protein should I start with? We recommend choosing a protein that your dog is already familiar with in his/her current bowl. Switch proteins as you'd like after transitioning and feeding Go Raw for at least a few weeks. Variety within your dog's diet is very beneficial for their long term health and vitality. Our turkey & beef or our lamb & chicken are popular with newbies. 

     Can puppies safely be fed Go Raw Pet Food? What a great question. Absolutely puppies can be fed Go Raw. From chihuahuas to german shepherds to cane corsos, we've fed them all. Studies now show that feeding puppies raw in their first year of life statistically benefits their health; less skin allergies, less digestive upset, less inflammatory diseases, less obesity, and greater immune function. Raw is a big deal. Start them off right!

     What is Go Raw's shipping schedule? How are your boxes packaged? Go Raw ships on Tuesdays and Thursdays. See the FedEx shipping map regions. We recommend only shipping 1-2 days, we cannot guarantee 3+ day shipments. A FedEx tracking number will be emailed to you. We closely follow all of our shipped boxes and will email you of any delays or problems. All of our boxes are shipped frozen inside an earth friendly, 100% curbside recyclable packaging. Ice packs or dry ice will be added during the warmer months of the year. 

     My new box of raw has arrived, and it's not completely frozen. Is that okay? Yes! This is completely safe, as long as the raw arrives below 40F, it can be refrozen no problem. Shipping can have it's hiccups, and our boxes are designed to keep your raw in great shape for up for 72 hours. 

     What is Go Raw's Refund Policy? Your satisfaction is very important to us. If there are any problems with your raw or your shipped box, please send us an email at or call (713)715-8145. At our discretion, we can replace late spoiled boxes of raw or issue full or partial refunds. Please take pictures upon arrival. We're a phone call away any time a concern or problem arises.

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